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Sales Generator & Order Management offers you fast-track order processing system by eliminating manual bottlenecks and errors which helps in establishing a smooth flow from Inquiry, Quotation generation, PO, T&A, on time shipments. SgOM will integrate your order department to avoid any duplicity of work and miscommunication among team members.

Compliance Mantra provides a platform whereby user(s) can define the compliance requirement as per their business, operations, or even statutory and regulatory requirements; can schedule the compliance submission targets; and allocate job responsibility. Further, Compliance Mantra helps in organizing the documents submitted, besides generating alerts for the due and overdue compliances. The primary challenge that businesses face is in adhering to the deadlines for their statutory & regulatory obligations. Organizations with various companies and agencies have too many compliance requirements to address. Monitoring and tracking compliance against their target dates is at time unmanageable. To sort the problem, Compliance Mantra is designed, which will give the user the discretion to track their due dates, target dates and actual compliance done date. Compliance Mantra generates reports on various parameters and combinations of Agency(ies); Company(ies); Responsibility(ies); department(s) and scheduled months.

Key Features :

— Product Promotion: Build your own product eCatalog.
— Online and Direct Inquiries: Automate Inquiry management process and ensure all leads are timely followed.
— Centralized Depository: Manage Products, Customers and Vendors profile centrally to have complete set of information.
— Quotation Management: Generate online quotation to save time and efforts. Later, make sure that proposals are converted into orders.
— Purchase Orders: Manage and Analyse your Orders with proper allocation of responsibilities among the team members.
— Time and Activities: Build T&A and manage WIP for each order to make sure that your goods are timely shipped.
— MIS Automated reports and escalation/alerts on exceptions.

  • Alerts and Reminders
  • "To do List" & "Alerts".
  • Real time information with the management.
  • Quick quotation submission.
  • Customer Feedback for service & his Digital Signature.
  • Complaint Managment
  • Add Enquiry

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