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FINORB is, the Power of Financial Orbit, to cover comprehensive day-to-day accounting, in-depth portfolio construction and analysis, with research notes and assists in wealth creation and management with risk analysis, enabling effective risk management.

FINORB lays down processes and methodology of accounts construction for individual entities as well as consolidates the same for the group to which such entities relates as a whole. With data import facility for hares and mutual fund transaction, it eases the transaction entries into the system and enables Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet of various entities in columnar form as well as in consolidated form.

In portfolio analyses, it establishes the process of comprehensive portfolio construction. It also enables construction of model portfolio of different kind considering the different needs of investors and enables comparison of the actual portfolio with any one of the different model portfolio. In a similar way FINORB helps in creation of model wealth distribution under different asset classes for different risk profiles. It further enables comparison of actual wealth distribution against model wealth distribution associated with the risk profile of the investor. The feature of research notes and alerts assists the investor in taking rational decision.

The software has been designed in such a user as well as friendly way that the Masters can be added both at the transaction as well from reports. Further, the drill down system enables the user to start from any report including Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss Account and go up to the basic transaction with facility of editing there and then.

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