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The genesis of Meeting Mantra is that there is no proper tool to document and control the outcome of various meetings. It has been observed in practical life that various meetings are held by the companies and various decisions therein are taken but since they are not properly documented and even if they are documented, they were getting lost in files at time or the system of ensuring compliances to the various discussions had been very tedious and have been manual.
In line of our desire to digitalize important functions of an organization Meeting Mantra is concede.

Features of Meeting Mantra are:-
  • It documents all the action points arising out of the meeting with responsibility of person, accountability of person and target dates.
  • It creates adequate notification/alerts and escalations on the actions being taken on the various tasks. It also provide opportunity to document pending tasks or tasks which an executive need to perform even if they are not arising out of any formal meetings.
    The system provides combination of various reports wherein data can be seen for pending task person-wise, date-wise, serious nature wise etc. We believe that if use properly, this can increase the profitability of an organization at least by 20% or so. In other words, it can help in generating revenue or reducing costs in a big way.
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