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Berlin Conference "NOAH 2018"
6th - 7th Jun, 2018

Co Founding European Startups Indian Tech Resources

  • FSL Tech team develop SaaS products in financial services, compliance, CRM, wealth management domains. The services are developed and prototypes tested in Indian market.
  • FSL seeks partnerships and co-founding relations with European start ups to bring proven products and apps to European market.
  • First Prototype "FINORB" is a wealth management tool. FINORB is not just a solution but an artificial intelligence driven tool for High net Worth Individuals who self manage their portfolios or work with professional asset managers. FINORB empowers the investors with decision making analytics and enablers thereby increasing the overall profitability and yield of portfolio.
  • Development Stage: FINORB is being developed and beta tested for the functionalities relevant to Indian market. Development and upgrades as per requirements can be continued.
  • Second Prototype Lex Mantra aids corporations, individuals and law offices streamline the legal work flows and reduce the litigation risk through its preventive management module . Lex Mantra is especially relevant for corporations with multinational presence. This prototype is under beta testing and expected to be launched soon .
  • Add on services by FSL : FSL add on services tools to monitor and manage include enabling with tools to monitor and manage property deals, wealth management, mergers & acquisitions, buying boats or ships .

FSL Software Infrastructure

  • FSL has a software development center , ready and fully equipped for outsourcing, joint venture development, co-ventures and co-working in NOIDA , adjacent to New Delhi , capital of India.
    The 5,000 sq meter software center goes online in August 2018 with work, leisure space for more than 500 - 2000 developers.
  • NOIDA is up and coming tech-hub of North India with abundance of technical skills. FSL may provide infrastructure facilities and management of teams for outsourcing or KPO related activities. FSL is able to enter joint venture or partnership for setting up an IT or IT enabled outsourcing facilities in India. FSL can partner launch of proven products or services in India.
  • About FSL
    • FSL was founded in 2000. The company has been developing CRM, Compliance, Legal, ERP, fund management software for Indian market.
    • Founder Mr. Rakesh K Jain, a Chartered Accountant by profession with 38 years of experience created FSL to service needs of FSL clients.
    • Managing Director Mr. Sharad Jain, has 18 years of experience in information technology business and has helped the company develop a bucket of product offerings , a loyal client base & sales & support offices across India.
    • Director Development Mr. Ajay Goyal started a software company in 1990 and has had several successful ventures in Europe, United States and India in the last 25 years.

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