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FSL is a 30 years old group having extensive experience in management consultation, business process reviews, financial services, capital market, mutual fund distribution, and have varied skill-set to support a technical team to develop IT business solutions.


Mission & Vision

FSL Software Technologies Ltd. aims to be a global IT company providing end to end software solutions that address to the needs of the new economy and aims to build businesses based on value, speed, information, skills and capabilities.

FSL Software Technologies Ltd. has a vision to be a world class IT solution provider through aggressive growth in current areas of expertise and acquiring expertise in other areas through strong relationships.

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Sales Mantra provides reports and analytics which are generated from the system every morning and enables to direct business with complete and most accurate information...

ComplianceMantra software helps in reducing non productive time of responsible teams by cutting down/ eliminating time spent on information gathering, compiling, processing...

BuyerEase is a business process monitoring tool to simplify your buying processes and provide end-to-end business solutions. It not only manage your business but also...

SgoM software is a simple tool that helps you to generate more business and manage your work orders. It makes your task easy by centralising your purchase orders and gives...

FINORB is, the Power of Financial Orbit, to cover comprehensive day-to-day accounting, in-depth portfolio construction and analysis, with research notes and assists in wealth creation and management...

LexMantra litigation management software creates a easy way to help assemble and automate all the work related to different cases going on in the legal department...

GST Accounting software is highly user-friendly and can be easily used by the organizations for utilizing the benefits of the tax-paying system. The different activities thated by the software include:

SocietyMantra provides the facility to keep documents related to maids, vendors, Tenants etc and also help you to record information of each visitor and avoid any unauthorized entry in the society which will enhance safety for your family members.

Our Services

Software Development Process adopts the spiral iterative methodology and waterfall development process where the entire software development project cycle has to go through one or more iterations of all project stages.

Compliance Review & Advisory Services

Compliance Review & Advisory Services (with the help of a firm of Chartered Accountants) which will help the directors to justify their bonafide Interest in devising the proper...

Technolgoies Review & Advisory Services

Technology review & Advisory is a study of a particular area / department to analyse the current system & the task which are crucial, performed manually & can be automated....

Application Development

Application development, also referred to as software process, software lifecycle and software development, is the development of a software product in a planned and structured process...

Social Responsibility

Helping Hands

Life is precious. Be a life-saver.

FSL Team celebrated New Year with poor and suppressed section of society by distributing warm cloths, food items, fruits and blankets, among the people who unable to buy these stuffs due to economic disability.

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